PCD Scholarship

The first scholarship for people with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

About the Scholarship

The PCD Scholarship fund is open to any PCD students enrolled in college classes in the fall of 2023. The Scholarship Fund raises all funds awarded and is a separate entity from the PCD Foundation.


If you would like to donate, we accept contributions to the PCD Scholarship Fund using Paypal. Please use the donation button below.

Board Members

Candace Miller

Co-founder of PCD scholarship, mom of 2 boys with the youngest having PCD

Jennifer Dawson

Co-founder of PCD Scholarship, one son age 9 with PCD

Kara Jordan

Mom of 4 kids with 2 boys having PCD

Renee Dale

PCD adult and quilting expert

Laura Aumiller

Nurse practitioner and mom to 1 little girl

PCD Scholarship Winners


Charlie (2023)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2023 was awarded to Charlie, majoring in film studies.

Lana (2022)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2022 was awarded to Lana, studying aerospace engineering.

Odessa (2021)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2021 was awarded to Odessa, studying Psychology


Andrew (2020)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2020 was awarded to Andrew, studying Media Communications.

Isabella (2019)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2019 was awarded to Isabella, studying psychology.

Lana (2018)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2018 was awarded to Lana, studying aerospace engineering.

Trevor (2017)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2017 was awarded to Trevor, studying engineering.

Timmery (2016)

The $500 scholarship for 2016 was awarded to Timmery, studying Radiology.

Ashley (2016)

The $1,000 scholarship for 2016 was awarded to Ashley, majoring in University Studies.

Timmery (2015)

The first PCD Scholarship winner, Timmery, is studying Radiology.